Philosophy & Owner

Riding makes you a stronger person, more resourceful, and gives you a peek inside a whole other world.


We are a true a horse training center. Lauren trains horses that have never been ridden before, problem horses, and some that were rarely handled by people. Her experience with starting horses helps you understand what makes great horses,  keeping them happy, and what makes them unsafe. She thinks everyone should be able to have a peak inside their psychology, understanding why they reacted and how to be able to communicate direction to the horses effectively.
Her passion is introducing children and adults aware to the tradition of steeplechase and fox hunting so it may continue to our future generations. We are the only facility that offers so many other facets of the sport such as the different types of horse shows, polo, dressage, and pleasure riding. Not everyone wants to continue the same style that the barn is geared toward. It’s important that all clients know how many different ways there are to incorporate horses into your life. The horses are the actual teachers. We just have to understand them.
After 12 years she’s had the honor to watching my students develop into extremely experienced horseman.  Even if they don’t want to make it their career, it teaches so many skills that transcend into everything you do as an adult and in life. Riding makes you a stronger person, more resourceful, and gives you a peek inside a whole other world.

Lauren Schock began riding at the age of eight. She started competing in the show hunter circuit, including local and young hunters at Devon. Lauren then quickly graduated to competing in jumpers and discovered her love of working with “green” horses. She moved on to exercising hurdle and timber horses and had the opportunity of hunting with the Cheshire Hunt for several seasons. Upon moving on to training flat horses, Lauren discovered her true passion was breaking and training horses for all disciplines, especially race and show horses. She also retrains thoroughbreds off of the track and turns them into show horses. Lauren also loves to teach true horsemanship to children, and is an ARIA certified riding instructor. She continues her showing and training techniques and education with the guidance of Sue Sisco.