Fox Hunting

Fox hunting is an activity steeped in tradition. Originating in England in the sixteenth century, it is enjoyed by equestrians around the world today. Fox hunting challenges both the rider and horse with obstacles from daunting ditches to rising rock walls. For those that may feel faint at simply the sight of these jumps, no worries, newcomers are always welcome to steer to the side and gallop on with the group.

Today, in America, most hunts do not actually kill the fox and therefore are also aptly called ‘fox chasing’. As with many hunting associations, American fox hunters tend to be good stewards of the land and take care in maintaining healthy fox populations, along with their habitats.

Please refer to the Radnor Hunt website for attire and for more details. We can supply caps for hunting. We do out-of-state hunting trips ranging from Virginia to Charleston Hunt Week.

If you say someone is crazy like a fox it means that their behavior is unsequential at first glance, but there is actually something very clever and subtle to it that is working towards their interest in unexpected ways.

Tip: When you hunt for fox, you go hunting with the hounds. Referring to them as dogs, doesn’t keep with the tradition of the sport and the level of grooming it takes for the hounds and their trainers to perform is tremendous hard work. So please keep in mind, always hounds.